My Plum Orange Wine (P.O.W) Fall-Inspired Look!

Hi Everyone!!! I think I’m starting to love this season more, well mainly because of some of its makeup trends. We all know that Autumn is the period of vampy dark shades, smokey eyes, dramatic wing liners, warm/copper eyeshadows.  Once you think of fall you think of plum, wine, taupé(brownish grey)/chocolate/brown, gold shimmers on the eyes, and some neutral colors.  I’ve definitely been using a … Continue reading My Plum Orange Wine (P.O.W) Fall-Inspired Look!

Go colourful or go home!

Hi guys! I’ve been trying out different eyeshadow colours these days and I’ve been loving them. Hence the saying, “life is just too short for boring colours”.  Here are some of the colourful looks I did! This look is still one of my favourites. I created this look with copper glitters and the bhcosmetics eyeshadow palette. I’ve always loved this lip shade but since I … Continue reading Go colourful or go home!

Valentine Inspired!!!❤️

❤️It’s the season of LOVE !!!❤️    Several plans have been made for this day whether it’s a girl’s night out, going on a date with that special someone or with your family. Valentine is about appreciating the people you love! Showing love, and being Happy. For the ladies it’s not really easy when trying to figure out what to wear, what hairstyle to do … Continue reading Valentine Inspired!!!❤️

Eyebrow 101 (Eyebrows are sisters not Twins)

Drawing your eyebrows may seem easy but it’s one of the most difficult thing to do perfectly. It’s either you draw one perfectly and drawing the second one could be a thug of war, or you end up with an over emphasised arch, or maybe one looks thinner while the other looks thicker. There are several challenges we face when drawing the perfect brows. Here … Continue reading Eyebrow 101 (Eyebrows are sisters not Twins)